Getcho Spook On!

Howdy Doo!

So how were all you guy’s days? I hope they were great. And yes, I really do care, so you can leave a comment. I mean…If you wanna. Wow. What a demanding way to start off a post… Well anywho…

I posted twice yesterday! Y’all should be proud of me. Goodness what a sad life. Well anyway, I was very nearly late to school! Gasp! A cleaning lady was coming to our house today and so my mother spent most of the morning bossing me around and telling me to make my room tidier so it would be easier for the cleaning lady. In my opinion, isn’t that what we pay her to do? Well either way, I got on campus as the first be rang, meaning I had 5 minutes to get across campus. I made it! So hah!

When I’m trying to explain school concepts to my friends, I always go into this really weird mode of talking. I mean, I honestly don’t talk like that colloquially, but I guess I feel like it makes it easier to remember if I use slang I had a friend like that, but she used a lot of curse words. Since I don’t curse, mine ends up more along the lines of: “An inhibitor sows or stops a reaction. They be like ‘NOPE!’ They be competitive of non-competitive. The competitive be like ‘Yo, this be my active site and Imma just sit here and do nothin, blockin all y’all from reactin’ and then non-competitive’s like ‘Yo imma just hook up with this enzyme and totes screw up his activation site. Now y’all can’t hook up. Sucks to suck.’” And yeah… that’s my description of an inhibitor… The more you know.

Other than that, our school’s advanced math class got a little festive and decided to decorate our math classroom for Halloween. Our math teacher is like a millionaire so his room already has some pretty cool decor,  but man, these kids went all out. There were flying bats, singing corpses, bubbling cauldrons, flying demons, and spiderwebs galore. It really was magnificent. To top it all off, they left us a little riddle/ challenge as well. It was something about about “Here’s the demand, lend us a hand. Find the five, and you’ll come out alive” Written on the whiteboard. 5 plastic fingers were hidden around the room. Our period was 2nd to have a crack at it and we found 4 of the 5 fingers. Not bad if you ask me.

You guys! YOU GUYS! I got my Halloween costume today! I wish you would comment guessing what it is (for those of you who I haven’t told yet)

How many of you guys have been looking at the news lately? Okay, I would start going into the government shutdown and all that jazz, but no, this is a comedy blog. So instead I’m going to tell you about how my Spanish teacher makes us report about current events in Hispanic countries. So basically, we listened to news all period. It just truck me that all the news was pretty depressing. I mean, honestly. It was pretty terrible to sit through. Who else has noticed this? I want some happy news!

I’m doing a dance. And by that, I mean yes, a choreographed dance. For a Christmas show. And no, not like in Mean Girls. I don’t roll that way. But basically, it’s going to be difficult. But somehow I’m pretty excited. Eh. I don’t really know anyone else doing it, but should be fun… and tiring. At least I get some form of exercise for once.

In one science class, we did a lab where we had o count cars in the parking lot. Nice little fun fact: I love walking around campus without a backpack. I mean, we have an outdoor campus and so everything i just so beautiful. And of course the weather was nice. My friends and I were just lazing about campus and singing random songs as loud as we wanted.Everyone else was in class so no one could judge us. Gotta say, it was a nice end to the school day.

Hm… other than that, my best friend is turning 18 tomorrow! We’re all getting so old. Officially an adult. I’m busy with prep. Been out shopping for a while. Hence the late post.

I actually have a math test I should be studying for so I’m going to log off for now. I’ll try to post later. Like, comment, and follow if you liked this post!! Also you can ask me a question. ANY question on my page with is LINKED HERE. Hope you all have a great rest of the day (though there isn’t all too much left) Bye!

Your Peaceful Procrastinator,


Ask Sabrina #4

Who’s your new lover? What’s his nationality?
Alright you guys, the cat’s out of the bag. His codename was Kyle. Now go look him up in past posts. We know you want to. And also, he’s so many nationalities that I’m not even sure how to answer that. How about….white…

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I have two answers on two totally different sides o the spectrum, on one end is an oncologist or any type of doctor that isn’t a surgeon and then on the other side is a math teacher. Or just a teacher.

are you a virgin till when do you plan on being one??
Yes I am. And until I’m married.
whats your fav taylor swift song
Either Innocent from the album Speak Now or Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) from the album Taylor Swift.
Have you ever stuffed your bra?
Nope! Proud to say that. Not even to make if roe comfortable or whatever.
why are we here
To make a legacy and a difference in other people’s lives so that even after we go, we will still live on in the memories of others and the after effects of our accomplishments.
who are you., who am i
I am Sabrina, a blogger. And as for you, you are you, an anonymous reader with a strange question.
what is love?
Very tempted to just say “Baby don’t hurt me” and leave it at that. But in the slim chance that you wanted my answer to this, It’s that feeling where you deeply care for someone. You accept them for who they are no matter what and put their own happiness above your own.
if i was a potato would i be a hot potato?
Most definitely. In fact, you’d burn my tongue sweetheart. *wink wink* Sorry…too much?
are you going to homecoming with him (yes I KNOW who he is)
Basically yes, but he hasn’t officially asked yet. I’ll keep you updated.
And that’s all I have for you folks. If you want more posts like this one, go ahead and ask on my page. LINKED HERE I answer most questions about myself, but I’l give silly answers and advice too. Oh and philosophical ones. Go ahead and try me. It’d make me happy. Also, read some of my other posts and see if you like em! I hope you do! Well that’s all for now. I really gotta make that burrito.
Your Obliging Blogger,

Happy Autumn!

Heyhey all you bloggers of the world!

Just came online to say howdy doo! Not sure if I have all too much to say, but my laptop is so annoying and laggy. I’m gonna have to blame it on the internet memory it takes to store this group chat that I’ve had on Facebook since the beginning of summer vacation We’re at about 107k messages so far. Pretty impressive, right? Well I think so. That chat has made the participants that much closer though. Like it’s me, my chica and my hombre. We all have batman names that I will from now on use as their code names. The chica is Alfred…..Hm… I know that it’s a boy’s name, but bear with me. And the hombre’s name is batman…. Yeah. Now ain’t he special? I’m Catwoman, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, we’re all hecka close now and batman has a joke that he’s lampzoned. Yeah…it’s wayy past brozoned But it makes things comfy. We can talk about anything with him! And by we, I mean Alfred and me. And Alfred is a girl….wow, this could get confusing.

Anyways, I didn’t get any likes on my last post. And that makes me sad. That’s probably because I didn’t put in any of the tags before I pushed publish….amateur mistake, eh?

After school today, I was hanging around and a bunch of my friends tried to do stacked push-ups. (I have such buff friends) So basically how this worked, is one guy would get in push-up position, and then another guy would get on top of him with their hands on the first guys ankles and feet on their shoulders and then they would simultaneously do push ups. Not sure if I described that quite right, but it was pretty impressive. Because they had to stay balanced too. I think the record was like 5 push-ups. But that in itself was pretty impressive. I doubt they could’ve done much more. But of course this is coming from me and I can barely do 5 without someone on my back. Kidding..kinda…maybe..

I’m having a bad hair day. Gosh dang it. Is it weird that  actually say “gosh dang it” out loud Like I never curse. In English today, our teacher was telling us about interjections and she says “It’s like…what you say when you stub your toe. ‘Gosh dang it’” and then she begins to laugh “Just kidding. we all know that’s not what you guys would say…” And I’m just sitting in the back of the room thinking…”Yes….that’s totally what I would say. And what I do say…all the time.” Eh. Just makes me more polite than everyone who curses….right? right? Anyone? Oh hold up, this screen isn’t set to reply to me. But you readers out there, what are your thoughts? I AM SO GOSH DANG DESPERATE FOR COMMENTS! (And there I go saying gosh dang again…)

Which of course brings me to my next point. We were in science class and we were talking about a nearby lake as opposed to the one we saw on our hike last week (see last post if you actually want more details….) And she says “This lake is natural whereas our lake is dammed.” Being the mature teenagers we are, we all giggle and them my friend and I get into a banter that goes a long the lines of “To get to the dammed lake, you gotta rive on the dam road and cross the dam bridge and when you’re there, you gotta use the dam bathroom and maybe go to the dam vendors to buy some dam snack if you’re hungry. Then go to thedam giftshop to buy some dam souvenirs to remember your dam trip.” Now aren’t we clever…I’m pretty sure a few of those didn’t even make sense. I felt like such a bad egg. Woah there. Language.

OH! For those of you who care…the cheeseburger was awesome. OMNOMNOM. I’m so carnivorous. And I’m sorry if that was offensive to anyone. *Gasp* I’m sorry!

This weather is weird, but you know what? This means I get to start wearing jeans again! and..*drumroll* SWEATSHIRTS. Yes, my friends, it’s Sweatshirt Season! I’m a total dork for being happy about this, but I can’t help it. I am. I get to wear comfy clothes and no one can judge me because it’s cold. So ha! Such it fashion!

In other news, it’s getting late and my parents aren’t home. I should probably a) start on homework b) make some dinner and c) tidy up a bit. Anyone who knows anything about me knows what order that’s going to be done in. Well I’m off to make myself a burrito. Hope you all enjoyed this post! As always, like comment and follow if you did. It would bring a little nerdy girl joy…..Wow. Yeah that was to all you primarily pedophilic blog stalkers out there. Well either way, ask me a question on my and I will answer it asap! The link is here—-> CLICK HERE ON THESE WORDS. Well I hope you all have an amazing day!

Your favorite Catwoman Impersonator,


When September Ends

Heyo Chickadees (and whatever the male form of that is),

So it just dawned on me…..It’s the last day of September. And you know what else?? The last time I posted was in…..AUGUST! Sheesh. Has it really gotten to the point where I struggle to update even once a month. Goodness gracious. I sure am sorry.

On the other hand, I have some really great news! ….*insert drumroll here* I GOT ENGAGED. Yup. It was in between 3rd and 4th period today… She didn’t get down on one knee, but she proposed and gave me the ring. Needless to say, I said yes. I SAID YES! We haven’t planned out all the details, but I’m assuming we’re gonna wait til it’s legal to have the wedding. Hopefully she doesn’t bailed Or else I already know the title of my autobiography… “Left at the Alter” Men…can’t count on them for poop. Yes. That was very clearly censored.

In other news, my brother is back at college. He left last Monday. Sure I miss him, but one thing I’m not missing is the never ending game of lets-see-who-can-leave-the-least-amount-of-paper-on-the-toilet-paper-roll-so-I-make-the-next-person-have-to-change-the-roll. Hm…Maybe we need to work on naming our games. I shall rename it…..Lazy Lavatorators. That’s sooo not a word. I’m also not missing having to share my car with him…. Eh. Who am I kidding. We all know I’m already missing him like crazy. It’s okay. I got all the pics and videos from this summer.

So when was the last time you had a field trip? Depending on how old you are and what level of education  you’re at, that answer will vary. We had one last week on Tuesday for AP Environmental Science and AP Biology. I think it’s safe to say that it was the best school day of my entire high school career so far. And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’ve had some pretty awesome days. So the whole trip was just me and 5 friends got in a car and drove to a mountain where we hiked 10 miles up this BEAUTIFUL mountain and the weather was perfect. Surrounded by friends just having a good time. Taking tons of pictures of course. My fully charged camera died halfway up the mountain. Then when we got to the top, we just hung out and ate lunch and it was just super awesome. The lady who drove us up was super cool and gave us candy. More specifically, fireballs. I don’t know how many of you have tried these, and out of those who have, how many actually like em. But  LOVE them. Which is weird because they make your mouth feel funny if you eat too many at once, which I almost always do. She also let us blast the Pokemon Theme Song and Lost Woods Dubstep Remix (Twilight) in the car ride there and back. And of course everyone in our particular car group brought their Nintendo DS’s so we could play Pokemon in the car. Goodness it was a good day. Here’s a picture of the amazing view:


Well Also, Homecoming is coming up and I’ve been trying to convince all my friends to go. A lot of my friends are actually Seniors this year and it’s going to be the last dance I can actually be with them in, so I think it’s pretty important that I go. Pus I actually like dances Call me cray. But I’m Sabrina…And we already knew I’m crazy. I already bought my dress and I’m excitedddd. And of course I have to be signed up for a PSAT earlier that day. Eh. Oh well It’ll be a ice treat after the hard work. Hopefully I don’t pass out on the dance floor from sleep deprivation. Oh who am I kidding, I’m always sleep deprived and I’ve never passed out….or at least not that any of you should know about *wink wink* I actually have no idea where I was going with that.

I don’t have a great deal of homework today, but my parents are taking me out for cheeseburger and I’m super excited!! YAYY! Well I guess that means I should get going. Hope you all liked this post If you did, you should follow me, because yeah…I’m always like this. And if you didn’t like it…well Haters gonna hate, but I’m just gonna keep on doin me. So yeah. Like, Follow, Comment and if you wanna, you can ask me a question on my page and I will get around to answering them in another post. Don’t worry if you asked one a while ago and it still hasn’t been answered, I’m trying to accumulate a lot. So here’s the link—->LINKLINKLINK. Love you all tons and I’ll try to post more later!

Mrs. MIA,


Sweet Rewards!

Hey everyone!

If you know anything about me, you know that I enjoy helping others and whatnot. Well a couple days ago, I bought a whole pound of gummy bears in bulk and brought them to school. I handed them out to everyone. Left and right. To people I’d never even seen before. To anyone who asked. Really. I mean, since I had so many, I was happy to get them off my hands. And it worked really well because everyone loved them. Thinking of really making a habit out of it. I mean, I brought brownies last week and gummy bears this week. Wonder what next week will bring.

A cool side-note was that I was observing the gummy bears (yes, I ate a fair amount myself) and I noticed that they had little bow ties on them! Like, really! They were super adorable! Made them even more delicious!! (DON’T YOU DARE QUESTION THAT LOGIC)

So then today at school, one friend brought a bunch of gummy worms in response to my bears (obviously the sour kind) and let me take as many as my heart desired. Being the Sabrina I am, I took a whole bunch and ended up giving most of em away anyway. But still. Super sweet of him. Then my other friend had a pack of 5 Cinnamon Buns and he hunted me down and said that he bought me some because he wanted to thank me for brownies and gummy bears and just being nice in general. I felt so loved today. Fastest way to my heart is through the stomach after all *wink*

Anyway! You guys, school’s getting kinda better! I actually had my first late night of homework already! I guess that just proves how good I am at procrastinating. Or does it? Who knows. Maybe my classes are just hard….Well I admit they are, but I also needta manage my time better.

We had our first in class essay yesterday! For someone who writes so much (*cough*me) I sure suck at essays. As you guys know from reading some of my writing, I don’t really….stay on topic…ever. So that was fun.

My Spanish teacher requires me to call up other people in our Spanish class and talk to them in Spanish for 10 minutes. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also really cool trying to actually say relevant things to each other in a whole nother language! So awesome. My parents actually overheard us talking and accused me of talking about them in a different language just so they wouldn’t know what I’m saying. Yeah…my parents are completely clueless when it comes to Spanish…

Speaking of my parents….They are so embarrassing. They came home yesterday and said they wanted to take me out to KFC for dinner and then out for ice cream. Thought that was cool at first. Then we go to KFC and end up using like 3 coupons to get just enough food for us 3 and then we take the food down to the ice cream shop (which is quite a ways away from KFC) and sit at a table right outside the door and starts scarfing down the fried chicken…. On top of that, the ice cream shop was having a special that day and so the line was going out the door. Meaning yes, there were people lines up right next to our table, just staring at my parents being weird and omnomnom’in on buckets of chicken. I just felt very….strange. Mortified. People who I knew were there. Like… really mom and dad? I don’t know why I was as embarrassed as I was. Maybe you readers understand….maybe not.

Oh. On the same topic as the English essay (kinda, not really), we had to do Spanish presentations about a current event in a Spanish speaking country. We had to memorize it, so no notes. And for someone who talks to much in class…I really suck at speaking in front of the class….Don’t ask why. I just FREAK OUT. I really should work on that…

I’m blackmailing my brother into helping me bake cookies with me later. I pulled the whole “Wowww….you have NO TIME to sped with me. You don’t make your own sister a priority. I never see you anymore” I’m good bro…Well I guess I know what my next sweet treat will be *wink*

Well on that note, I should skedaddle! I have next to no homework, however I have some cookies to make! So stay sweet! and follow my blog!! But beware, I get even more random. But follows and likes bring me joy. So yeah!! Oh and also, if you wanna, you can ask me a question on my Ask.FM. THIS IS THE LINK! W00t W00t. Kay, well I’m done now! Byebye!

Your sugar-high blogger,



Settlin’ In. Spazzin’ Out

Hiya Peoples of the Earth!

It’s Sabrina! Yay! And guess what! Today was pretty good! Yes really. My second day was better. Probably because I had a much better mind set. Your way of thinking is everything. Think positively, and your whole day just gets better. If you just focus on the good things that happen, it’s a lot easier to be happy!

Well anywho we were reading an article in English and one of my female friends decided that the author (whose name was Richard something) sounded like a sissy little which somehow got us in the habit of referencing the author as a female. Then when someone who sat in our general area (who wasn’t initially part of the conversation) referenced the author as a female, the teacher seemed very confused as to how she had misinterpreted Richard as a female name…. It could happen…

My biology was telling us about how his old professor that he didn’t like had passed away a few weeks ago. This is what he had to say about it: “I’ve never really had someone where I wasn’t sad that they were dead until now….I mean, it’s not like I wished him dead, but….I just feel like….The world is better without him on it” Don’t ask me to explain why, but this was extremely funny, not only to me, but everyone in my class.

I have this pen, and it’s shaped like a dolphin. Just when you take the tail off, you can write with it. But other than that, it just looks like a figurine or something. For all those of you who know about my obsession with dolphins, you know I think that it is the most amazing pen to ever exist.

My history teacher is like….29 and a dude. I don’t know why, but this somehow makes all the females in our school to think it’s okay to hit on him. Really. I mean he’s not ugly or anything, but…. I just think it’s weird to think of a teacher as attractive or “hot” or even “cute”. It’s just wrong to me. He’s even married. But still the “Did you see the new history teacher?? HE’S SO HOT!!” I shake my head at you… And the “Oh… he’s married…his wife is a very lucky woman….” Really? Man…. Girls these days need to get their act together.

I don’t go to a particularly delinquenty school, and yet somehow….our benches were stolen. Yes. Benches. Like the park benches that are cemented into the ground. The ones made of metal. Yeah. Those ones. Well ours were stolen. Now they’re just posts sticking out of the ground… It gives the quad a strange feel…. Who would of thought they would steal BENCHES. Really. You know, to sell the metal for money. Sheesh. I hope this didn’t give anyone any ideas….should I delete this paragraph? Nah, too lazy.

This will most likely not be funny to any of you, but a short exchange between my friend and me:
Me: I want to Usher at the next school musical.
Friend: What?Me: I wanna be an Usher
Friend: Well that’s just Ludicrous
Not sure if any of you understood this one, but I started laughing so hard. It was just such a bad reference.

OH. That same friend had a good burn today!Me: I’m mad at Steve, I tried to shake his hand, and he wiped his hand on someone else
Friend: WOW! THAT’S SO MEAN!……to who ever he wiped his hand on
Was I not supposed to find that funny? Sorry but I thought it was hilarious. Just too good. So what if it was against me, it was skill. I respect that.

I’m one of those kinds of people who can’t work without music. Like who else out there is like this? I know a lot of adults complain that the music distracts you, but for me, the music keeps me focused and alert. If there’s no music, I end up staring blankly at my paper, going no where with my life.

A Sophomore stole my juice pouch. Man, I even get bullied as an upperclassman… It’s ok though. I kicked his butt later. Literally and figuratively. Not sure who was the one who got bullied at the end of that….

My guy friend decided to bring a bad of Hershey’s kisses to school and keeps asking people if they “wanna kiss” and of course these people are female….Well…. could be easily misinterpreted (though that’s kinda the point), but it’s chocolate, so who cares! OMNOMNOM.

For whatever reason, I still refuse to sleep at normal times. At least I’m better than last year, because I get to wake up later since I’m taking fewer classes. Though I do kind of miss having PE first thing in the morning. It woke me up so well! And I had friends!!

Some people are still getting schedule changes. Man. So much stress. The problem with our school in particular is that it doesn’t tell us our classes until the very first day of school…. Yeah. Our school procrastinates almost as much as it’s students. WHAT. A. HYPOCRITE.

Well that’s all the random and eratic rants I have for today. Don’t forget to like or follow or ASK ME A QUESTION ON MY ASK.FM (<— Click on those caps for the link). Or you could do all of those things. It gives me joy. You wanna give me joy, right? Eh. I doubt you care. Well either way, Adios!

Your Boggling Blogger,



Hello All!!

I don’t know about you all, but today was my first day of school!! I’m gonna admit, I was pretty excited yesterday. Super excited an anxious to see who’s in all my classes and what all my teachers were like. I was excited to see all my friends again after the longgg summer break.

Well needless to say, today was a complete let down. Really. I wasn’t really happy with my classes or my teachers or the students in my classes. I felt like I didn’t get to see all my friends who I’m so used to seeing from last year. Totally fresh faces. Starting from scratch. I already miss it though. I loved my classes so much last year. I guess it might just take a little getting used to. And of course I’m going to have to make a couple new friends before I start feeling settled, but it was frightening and sad to say the least.

Oh and of course since my brother went to the same school as me…I’m living in his shadow. It annoyed me to no end how all my “advanced” teachers immediately connected me to my brother. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, except that it makes me feel SO STUPID. Really my brother took Precal as a Freshman. And here I am, taking it as a Junior, with the same teacher he had. Who of course immediately recognizes the last name. My brother, the rank 1 in our entire school. My brother, the near perfect SAT scorer. MY FREAKING BROTHER. Really though, I’m not him, and being linked to him is so much stress. I wish for different teachers. Teachers who don’t have preconceived notions of how smart I should be.

Well other than that, being the Sabrina I am, I brought brownies to school. Handing them out and bringing people happiness. It’s good. I like that feeling. It’s just too bad I barely saw any of my really good friends. I feel like I betrayed them all somehow by giving brownies to other people and running out by the time I got to people who were actually pretty close to me. It sucked. That’s the thing about bringing goodies. There never seems to be enough for everyone. Of course, it does suddenly make you the most popular kid in school.

I guess I should look on the bright side though, Lots of hugs were exchanged and lots of catching up was accomplished. It wasn’t completely bad. I hope this year ends better than it started. Who knows, I might make some truly meaningful new relationships!

Well that’s all I have time for today! I gotta go make lunch for tomorrow!! Ask me a question on my ask page ON THIS LINK. and stay lovely. I hope all of you who are just starting school are having a wonderful beginning to this long year!

Your Frightened Fresh Junior,